Lucene kuromoji

The kuromoji ( Japanese parser integrated in Lucene ( seems much better than MeCab ( in every respect, in particular:

  • it is a Java library distributed with Apache v2 license and so can be directly integrated in java tools
  • It is part of a widely used software product and so should be well mainteined

I am thinking to drop support to MeCab usage


About this blog

This blog has been created to share ideas about the easyjasub tool (

easyjasub is a tool to add furigana and in-line translation to Japanese subtitles, for language learning. It takes Japanese and an other language (say English) text subtitles and combines them in picture-basted subtitles.

It is a solo project at the moment that I use for personal study, but nothing prevents other Japanese language studends from making good use of it, except some technical difficulty in its usage which I hope to remove in the next months.

If you know Java enough to help in development, join Github and clone